Celebration of Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada

People celebrated Canada's first Christmas in 1604. European settlers arrived in Canada and they trace the early roots of Christmas in the country. French and British influences played a significant role in shaping the festive celebrations. These settlers brought with them their traditions. The oldest church in Canada is the Notre-Dame Basilica in Quebec City. Christmas in Canada is joyous and festive. People celebrate it similarly to other Western countries. They decorate Christmas trees, watching Christmas movies, playing games share gifts with their friends and family, and cook delicious meals. Each major city in Canada puts its unique spin on Christmas celebrations. Toronto hosts the longest Santa Claus Parade. It also hosts the annual Cavalcade of Lights at Nathan Phillips Square.

On December 26th, Canadians celebrate as a Boxing Day. It is the busiest shopping day of the country. People go to malls and stores and but he products on big discounts.

Notre Dame Basilica canada

Five Popular churchs in Canada
  • Notre-Dame Basilica

    Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 4:30 PM
    Saturday – 9 AM to 4 PM
    Sunday – 12:30 PM to 4 PM

  • Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre

    Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM to 7 PM
    Sunday – 7:30 PM – 7 PM

  • Basilica of Notre Dame du Cap

    Monday to Saturday – 9 AM to 8:30 PM
    Sunday – 8 AM to 8:30 PM

  • St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

    Tuesday to Friday – 11:30 AM to 1 PM
    Saturday – 4:30 PM to 6:30PM
    Sunday – 8:30AM to 12:30PM

  • St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica

    Monday to Friday – 7 AM to 6:30 PM
    Saturday – 8AM to 6:30PM
    Sunday – 7:30AM to 10PM

  • Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate

    Monday to Sunday – 8 AM to 3 PM

Nanaimo Bars

Five Popular food in Canada

  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Christmas Tourtiere
  • Roast Turkey
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Sausage and Herb Stuffing

Christmas in Canada blends traditional and multicultural celebrations. It brings communities together in a festive spirit. They have special meals and unique city events. Canadians embrace the holiday season with warmth and cheer. This makes it a delightful time for locals and visitors.

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